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Quality Management Processes:
When your operation depends on precision

From Incoming Quality Assurance (IQA), through in-process specification checks, to outgoing finished product inspection, Data2 quality systems are automated and thorough. At every step of the production process, every Data2 team player is looking at the most up-to-date product specifications, drawings and instructions on-line.

Our quality management system is assisted by Microsoft's Dynamics manufacturing system and audited through ISO 9001:2000 current registration.


IQA tests incoming materials against manufacturer specifications and historical performance data using temperature and humidity ovens, peal strength and abrasion testers, and Infra Red scanning equipment. We can even simulate your manufacturing environment.

Raw material lot tracking allows us to cross-reference every roll of raw material used to the orders which it produced. If necessary the raw material can be tracked all the way back to our supplier's ingredient lots.


Online ordering systems eliminate manual order entry errors. Our extensive database management and processing software controls for number sequences, preventing duplicated and skipped numbers in pre-printed bar code labels. And in-line process controls, including ANSI print quality validation system assures that every bar code we ship meets ANSI specifications and will scan.
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