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For all of your RFID Identification Needs

At Data2, we combine the flexibility of a custom job shop with the convenience of a quick-ship product to give you the best of both worlds! By doing so, we offer our customers the solution they need when they need it – regardless of industry, the customized nature of the application, or matching up with existing technology. Data2 has the equipment, the experience and the capabilities to deliver more than just a tag. We deliver data management solutions to streamline distribution, improve inventory control, reduce operational costs, and maximize top-line revenue.

Leverage… Data2’s proprietary inlay design or incorporate inlays from our partners

Scale … Take advantage of Data2’s large scale converting and encoding capabilities – all performed in-house

Quality … All Data2 tags are built with durable materials and flawlessly printed to stand up to your environment

Flexibility … Data2 can work with your existing RFID reader technology

Speed … Data2 has the equipment and capabilities to turn orders and deliver them fast – in as little as 24 hours

Data2 RFID2 tags are the ideal identification solution for a variety of industries, including:
  • Retail Jewelry Distribution and Inventory Management
  • Tire Manufacturing
  • Health Care, Blood Banks and Research Laboratories
  • Libraries and Museums
  • Electronics and Telecommunications

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RFID Solutions

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