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Identification Solutions: Pre-Printed Labels
When labels are critical in your operation

Whether you have outgrown your ability to print reliable labels in-house or are spending too much time worrying about pre-printed label orders it is time for Data2.

We are recognized as a leading high-performance label manufacturer in the automatic identification industry, with over 30 years of experience. In fact, members of our team were instrumental in developing bar code standards used today.

Bar Coded Labels

Bar codes with variable numbers, logos and spot colors are our specialty.
  • Sequential number management: Our automated software helps you avoid duplicated numbers and skips.
  • Random numbers: You can use your own numbering system and upload them to Data2.
  • Small-quantity repeat sequences: Our automated processes make it economical for you to order just what you need and avoid typically large minimum order quantities.

Indicator Labels

You may not always need bar codes to control your operations. We create customized indicator labels to meet the unique challenges you face when off-the-shelf labels will not work for you.

Our proprietary Digital Printing Process (DPS) assures highly durable labels that scan repeatedly under the most demanding conditions, usually without over-laminates. Both DPS bar codes and non-bar-coded labels withstand temperature extremes, chemical processing and rough handling.

The speed and reliability of our DPS means we can fill orders faster and at a lower cost than other variable content-printing technologies.
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