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ID Solutions for Tire Manufacturing

Building tires is a technically challenging business. To compete in today's global markets, automation is the key to success. Whether the label goes on the bead, the sidewall or the tread, Data2 products and services are designed to keep your automated tire operations running smoothly anywhere in the world.

As a global leader in tire label products with over 20 years of experience, we've refined our proprietary adhesives for pre-cure and post-cure application so labels stick when and where you want.

Attractive and Reliable

Data2's proprietary Digital Printing System (DPS) produces bar code images on tire tracking labels that remain black while the face-stock remains a crisp white from green tire formation through vulcanization. You and your customers get ultimate visual appeal, durability and reliability simultaneously.

Our data management software supports your quality system that tracks individual tires from start to finish by avoiding duplicated serial numbers.

Labels On-demand

Eliminate large inventories of obsolete pre-printed tread labels, free floor space, and reduce costs by printing your own in-line tread labels. Our unique, 4-dry-edge blank labels are perfect for running continuously without clogging the printer.

Automated Logistics

Our Internet ordering and ERP-based manufacturing can interface directly with your systems to help control inventories and keep plants running continuously.
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