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Media ID Solutions for Libraries & Museums

As a provider of library services, you know that identifying and tracking library items is no small feat. At Data2 we understand the need for efficient operations and can help make your job less stressful with easy ordering systems and reliable products.

Libraries, museums and herbariums from The Library of Congress to Harvard to small communities and elementary schools rely on Data2 to customize products and services to solve their unique operating needs. And, Data2's automated processes make those solutions economical.

Reliable Pre-printed Bar Codes

Data2's proprietary Digital Printing System (DPS) produces archival bar code labels known in the industry for scanning quality and durability in a library environment.

Self-printing Options

Blank labels made with the same high quality materials are available in all sizes accompanied by compatible thermal transfer ribbons, printers, and printer-software so you can print labels yourself. Print software integrates popular library management systems with all brands/models of thermal transfer printers.

An Easier Ordering Process

You will find all your identification label and card needs available at Data2 through user-friendly Internet ordering through Library Store and responsive customer service. Automation allows us to process small orders cost effectively so you no longer need to order years of inventory just to qualify for more attractive prices.


We work closely with libraries and book processors to ensure the right labels are at the right place at the right time.

Reseller Sources

Smaller libraries may find it economical to order from Data2's network of value-added resellers who consolidate orders for greater buying power.
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