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ID Solutions for Retail Jewelry Inventory

As the industry leader in jewelry tagging logistics, Data2 supports retailers and vendors in identifying items accurately and getting them into stores quickly.

Retail giants consistently turn to Data2 for solutions to bar coding and RFID tagging jewelry inventory. Our solution relies on electronic data exchanges, simplified ordering, automated manufacturing and encoding processes, and dedicated customer service.

Attractive and Reliable:

Our miniature string-less tags ensure that your jewelry always looks its best.

Data2's proprietary Digital Printing System (DPS) produces tickets containing up-to-date information with bar codes that scan flawlessly at the cash register, even after repeated cycles through jewelry cleaning solutions.

Self-printing Made Simple:

Our blank-label stocks are made from the same durable materials as our digital tickets, or we can make them match your particular specifications. When printed with our compatible thermal transfer ribbons, these tickets provide excellent performance and allow you to print as needed.

An Easier, Faster Ordering Process:

Online order processing systems make it easy to place orders so retailers, vendors and Data2 can confidently coordinate ticket logistics. Orders ship in no more than two business-days and as quickly as same-day.

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