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Healthcare & Research Products

  • Blood Center Labels
    • Whole blood donation sets in rolls or fan-folded stacks
      • Pre-printed in traditional Codabar or ISBT-128 format
      • Blank labels with compatible ribbons for thermal transfer printing at blood center
    • ISBT-128
      • Pre-printed quadrant labels
      • Interim labels for temporary product ID
      • Transition labels with Codabar and ISBT-128 combo ID
      • Product ID codes
      • ABO/Rh labels in Codabar or ISBT-128
      • Facility and/or collection center with or without space for collected-on date
      • Custom content labels to meet unique blood center requirements
    • On-Demand printing products
      • ISBT full-face labels
      • ISBT quadrant labels
      • Compatible thermal transfer ribbons
      • Thermal transfer printers
      • LabelClinic(TM) formatting software compatible with most blood product tracking systems
  • Pre-printed bar code and 2D or blank laboratory labels for:
    • Glass or plastic test tubes
    • Microwell plates
    • Slides
    • Specimen tracking
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