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ID Solutions for Healthcare, Blood Banks & Research Laboratories

Where data integrity is critical, Data2's 25 years of experience providing the healthcare and scientific community with FDA-compliant, reliable product identification and tracking labels can help.

Data2 has played a major role in everything from honey bee research to blood product supply chain logistics for the past 30 years. As an ISBT licensee, we're using that experience to help transition blood banks to ISBT standards seamlessly and cost effectively.

Pre-printed Labels

Data2's proprietary Digital Printing System (DPS) pre-prints durable bar code labels that stand up to rigorous healthcare and research environments, with emphasis on:
  • Highly reliable scanning quality
  • Image durability
  • Adhesion to blood bags, vials, trays, etc.
  • Numeric sequence control to avoid duplicate and skipped numbers

On-demand Printing Products

We supply everything you need to self-print product labels at your site including blank labels, printers, and printer software.

LabelClinic(TM) Print Server software allows you to print ISBT-128 compliant and ABC Codabar product labels. It integrates with most popular Blood Bank Management Systems or operates as a stand-alone system. For instance, it works with the HemaTrax(TM) management system but eliminates the need for HemaTrax label printing software at a fraction of the cost.

GSABC Contract Pricing

As an approved ABC vendor, Data2 offers special prices to all of its members both large and small. A contract price list can be obtained from the GSABC (800) 794-2490 or Data2 (636) 278-8888 or by email healthcare@data2.com.

Easier Ordering and Inventory Management

Having the right amount of labels on hand is easy with Data2's inventory management interface - and it is free to label customers. Your existing system automatically talks to our system - no manual intervention required.
Our automated manufacturing processes allow us to cost-effectively deliver smaller quantities of labels to you as quickly as you need them. You no longer need to inventory large quantities of labels just to get a better price. this is just one of several cost saving processes available to you through Data2.

Customer Testimonials

"Data2 has saved us more than 33% in direct label costs. In addition, their set price, small order volumes and quick turnaround allow us to order only when we need labels, making it much easier than trying to forecast an order to get a volume price break. Data2 has proposed some innovative ideas with the goal of streamlining our processes which will result in lower costs and decrecased staff time. Overall, we are very please with Data2 and I would definitely recommend them to other blood centers."
Jeanne Dariotis, CEO
Southeastern Community Blood Center, Tallahassee, FL

"Data2's turnaround is amazing; the other companies we have used take twice as long. Plus, they'll go overboard to help us with any system issues we may have. They have a nice looking, good quality interim label product and we look forward to placing many more orders in the future."
Daphne Jarvis, MA, MT(ASCP)SBB
Project Manager, Lifeblood

"I've been very pleased with Data2 and the superb level of service they provide. Their turnaround time for proofs is incredibly fast...we've received electronic proofs within a few minutes. The turnaround for labels is also fast and it's this efficiency, combined with Data2's ability to provide just the right amount of labels on a roll, that helps us keep a low inventory and reduce our carrying costs."
Manny Miguel
Director, Purchasing/Facilities
Rhode Island Blood Center

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