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ID and Assembly Solutions for
Electronics and Telecommunications

Automated manufacturing and item-tracking systems run reliably with Data2's bar code labels and assembly parts, each custom engineered to perform in your environment. We have an unmatched 15-year history of delivering conforming products on time to anyplace in the world.

Data2 electronics products utilize many of the special-function,high-performance materials on the market. They are precisely manufactured in our quality-controlled operation to match your specifications and fit seamlessly into your assembly processes.

Rugged and Reliable Pre-printed Bar Codes

Data2's proprietary Digital printing System (DPS) produces bar code labels known for highly reliable scanning quality and image durability before, during and after manufacturing processes and field exposure.

Whether you run standard or lead-free solder processes, our Printed Circuit Board labels do not fade, brown or yellow and read consistently even after 2-pass high-temperature oven exposure.

Telecom 2-D Bar Code Symbology Deadline

Data2's DPS can produce the labels you need, in large quantities, very quickly. We can drop-ship directly to your field locations to facilitate implementation of the new format.

Self-printing Option

Our blank label stocks and compatible thermal-transfer ribbons for printing-on-demand are constructed from the same material combinations as our DPS labels and can withstand the same rugged environments.

Assembly and Bonding Parts

Pre-cut, ready-to-apply parts custom designed to fit your operation can help reduce assembly labor and material-waste costs plus improve product appearance and performance.
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