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Company History

1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s | 2000+
Data2 Corporation had its early beginnings in the 1960s, and since that time has consistently utilized the latest technology to deliver value for its customers. Throughout the company's history, innovation has driven product development, market penetration and customer satisfaction.

Data2 was formed in 1996 by the merger of two companies, Datapage Technologies (originally part of Western Publishing) and Data Composition (originally part of Arcata Corporation). In the 1960s, both companies provided publishing services for:
  • Data management
  • Proprietary page composition software development
  • Photo-typesetting of book pages
The two companies specialized in telephone books, legal textbooks, automotive catalogs and other reference books. By the end of the 1960s, they were among the largest typesetting service bureaus in the U.S.

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As grocery stores, blood banks and libraries began to automate for inventory control, Datapage Technologies and Data Composition began imaging bar codes.

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Bar code labels became the dominant business. Data Composition specialized in smaller order, short-run, quick-turnaround business, while Datapage Technologies concentrated on large order, long-run business.

Rick McDonald, former chairman and president of Data Composition, helped found the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) trade association, and served as the group's president from 1984 to 1986.

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The 1996 merger of Datapage Technologies and Data Composition formed Data2, with corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and marketing and sales in San Francisco, California. Jack Delo became president and Rick McDonald was named Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.

Upon the retirement of Rick McDonald, John Ingerslew assumed responsibilities for sales at Data2.

Data2 consolidated manufacturing in St. Louis. Customer service, production planning, and information systems remained based in the San Francisco Bay area, moving from Richmond to Concord.

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21st Century

Data2 now operates its marketing, sales and manufacturing in St. Louis while customer service, production planning and information systems remain in Concord, California.

Consistent with its history, Data2 continues to grow and evolve to better address our customers' demands for:
  • High performance label solutions
  • Specialty label products
  • Protective seals, shields and dampers
  • Specialty bonding products
  • Automation for internal or external operating efficiencies
  • Electronic customer interfaces

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